Lava – Box of 2

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  • Apple Lava

    Apple, butter and cinnamon

  • Chocolate lava

    Chocolate Mixture

  • Tiramisu Lava

    Espresso, Almond, Cheese

  • Red Velvet Lava

    Yogurt, Beetroot, Chocolate & Cheese

  • Cookie & Cream Lava

    White Chocolate & Black Biscuit

  • Cheese Lava

    4 Types of Cheese

  • Hazelnut Lava

    Hazelnut Paste & Chocolate Mixture

  • Blueberry Lava

    Blueberry Pie & Cheese

  • Salted Caramel

    White chocolate and salted caramel bites

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  • Cherry Cranberry

    Black cherry with whole cranberry

  • Peach Aloe Vera

    Peach and aloe vera diced

  • Adzuki Lava

    Matcha & Adzuki Bean

  • Orange Pamelo

    Orange Slices and Diced Pomelo

  • Portugese Tart

    Pastry & French Egg

  • Original - Best Seller

    $1.00 each

    Out of stock

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